Efficient cabinet cooling with Peltier technology

Thermo electrical cooling unit for control cabinets and enclosuresEfficient enclosure cooling with Peltier technology Compact Peltier unit with 400 W cooling capacity

The thermoelectric elements create a temperature difference between the internal and ambient heat sinks, making internal air cooler while dissipating heat into the external environment. Fans help the transfer of convective heat from the heat sinks, which are optimized for maximum flow. 
These air conditioners come in powder-coated sheet steel or stainless steel housings according to customer’s requirements. They can be mounted in various position (except roof mounting) because these units don’t have a compressor and no moving parts. Depending on the mounting situation the condensation management may need to be considered and possibly adjusted.
Our Peltier air conditioners are resistant to extreme ambient conditions and can operate effectively even in environments which are dusty and oily and where temperatures may vary from -20°C to +65°C. They comply with European standards IEC/TC 62610-1 and IEC/TC 62610-3, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The ingress protection rating is IP 66.  We offer most of our Peltier units with AC or DC voltage. For more accessories please cklick here
Our product data are now also available on the ePlan Data Portal. 

TypeOperating voltageCooling capacity L35L35Mounting
TG 303012 V DC30 WRecessed
TG 3030E12 V DC30 WExternal (with frame)
TG 305024 V DC50 WRecessed
TG 3050E24 V DC50 WExternal (with frame)
TG 310224 V DC100 WRecessed
TG 3102E24V DC100 WExternal (with frame)
TG 6105120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
100 WRecessed
TG 6105E120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
100 WExternal (with frame)
TG 315224 V DC150 WRecessed
TG 3152E24 V DC150 WExternal (with frame)
TG 6155120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
150 WRecessed
TG 6155E120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
150 WExternal (with frame)
TG 320024 V DC200 WRecessed
TG 3200E24 V DC200 WExternal (with frame)
TG 6205120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
200 WRecessed
TG 6205E120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
200 WExternal (with frame)
TG 6405120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
400 WRecessed
TG 6405E120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
400 WExternal (with frame)
TG 6805120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
800 WRecessed
TG 6805E120 - 230 V AC ~
50/60 Hz
800 WExternal (with frame)

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