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Twin Thermostat (NONC)Electronic variable temperature thermostat Fixed thermostat NC Variable temperature thermostat NC Hygrostat Electronic Thermostat / Hygrostat

Besides filter fans and cabinet heaters we offer a wide range of enclosure accessories. Our thermostats are avaialble either as normally closed / NC (red disk) for regulating heaters or for alarm signals when temperature is falling below the pre-set minimum value. The contact opens when temperature is rising, or as normally closed NO (blue disk) for regulating filter fans, heat exchangers, Peltier cooling units or for switching alarm signals when the pre-set temperature limit has been exceeded. The contact closes when the temperature is rising. 

Order NumberDescriptionSetting RangeMounting
301005Pre-set temperature thermostat NCOFF @ 50°F (10°C) - ON @ 32°F (0°C)DIN rail 1.38 inch
301010Pre-set temperature thermostat NCOFF @ 59°F (15°C) - ON @ 41°F (5°C)DIN rail 1.38 inch
301020Pre-set temperature thermostat NCOFF @ 77°F (25°C) - ON @ 59°F (15°C)DIN rail 1.38 inch
301030Pre-set temperature thermostat NOON @ 95°F (35°C) - OFF @ 77°F (25°C)DIN rail 1.38 inch
301040Pre-set temperature thermostat NOON @ 122°F (50°C) - OFF @ 104°F (40°C)DIN rail 1.38 inch
301050Pre-set temperature thermostat NOON @ 140°F (60°C) - OFF @ 122°F (50°C)DIN rail 1.38 inch
301110Variable temperature thermostat NC14°F - 176°FDIN rail 1.38 inch
301120Variable temperature thermostat NO14°F - 176°FDIN rail 1.38 inch
301210Variable twin thermostat NCNC-10°C - +80°CDIN rail 1.38 inch
301211Variable twin thermostat NCNC14°F - 176°FDIN rail 1.38 inch
301220Variable twin thermostat NONO-10°C - +80°CDIN rail 1.38 inch
301221Variable twin thermostat NONO14°F - 176°FDIN rail 1.38 inch
301231Variable twin thermostat NCNO14°F - 176°FDIN rail 1.38 inch
301230Variable twin thermostat NCNO-10°C - +80°CDIN rail 1.38 inch
301320Changeover thermostat with thermal feedback32°F - 140°F / 95%DIN rail 1.38 inch
301321Changeover thermostat with thermal feedback32°F - 140°FDIN rail 1.38 inch
301410Mechanical changeover hygrostat40 - 90%DIN rail 1.38 inch
301510Electronic variable temperature thermostat-10°C - +80°CDIN rail 1.38 inch
301520Electronic variable temperature thermostat14°F - 176°FDIN rail 1.38 inch
301530External temperature sensor
301610Electronic Changeover Hygrostat10 - 90 %DIN rail 1.38 inch
301620Electronic Changeover Hygrostat10 - 90 %DIN rail 1.38 inch
301630External humidity sensor
3100001Door or end-limit switch2 x M4 screws

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