Environment & Sustainability

We all need to pay more attention to the environment and commit to sustainability. This awareness is deeply rooted in our company philosophy.

Our contribution towards a better future

We regularly analyse our production processes for more potential for sustainability and question our consumption of raw materials not only for cost reasons. Whenever possible we reduce it or find environmentally friendly alternatives.

We invest in newer technologies, more modern and more efficient machines that help us to reduce CO₂ emissions.

In 2021 we installed the first charging stations for hybrid and electric cars on our company premises, making it easier for our employees to switch to electric vehicles.

We take the goals of the Paris climate agreement seriously and have our own CO₂ emissions recorded transparently by external audits.

We are committed to further reduce our own CO₂ footprint and are also investing in selected climate protection projects. The aim is to achieve climate neutrality with all plants within the Seifert Group.

We want to actively shape our own future and that of future generations so that it is worth living in.

Understanding climate neutrality as a goal


As the first location of the group of companies, the factory in Malta has been producing completely climate neutral since 2020. The goal of climate neutrality was again achieved in 2021. Compared to the previous year, the operationally relevant CO₂ emissions were reduced by a further 26%. In particular, the savings in electricity consumption (-15%), production-related consumables (-85%), waste water (-34%) and upstream energy-related emissions (-85%) have led to this sustainable result.
Following the EU Commission's FIT FOR 55 package, we want to reduce our own CO₂ emissions by a further 55% by 2030. Our goal is to consistently implement our environmental strategy at all Seifert locations.


Since 2015 we have been certified to ISO 14001:2015 environmental standards. We underline the company's commitment to protecting our environment. Our factories are committed individually and as a group to promoting environmentally friendly processes.


Seifert Malta has had a photovoltaic system with a total of 3,140 panels in operation since 2016. It is one of the largest plants in Malta and generates with the latest extension around 1.3 GWh of electricity annually. The saving in CO₂ emissions is 860 tons per year.

Digital transformation for sustainable growth

Only sustainable action, resource-saving production and ecological and social responsibility can lead to long-term success.

We constantly invest in new technologies, modern and more efficient machines that help us to further reduce CO₂ emissions. The transformation to Industry 4.0 will allow us generate sustainable and environmentally friendly growth.

The first Smart Factory of the Seifert Group was built in Malta as a result of a plant expansion. A state of the art metal and surface processing plant and a new logistics hub are located in the 2900 m² building.

Photovoltaic system in Malta

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