Josette Sapiano

Josette is going into well-deserved retirement.

After 26 years as Michael Seifert's right-hand and Head of HR at Seifert Malta, Josette Sapiano is going into more than deserved retirement at the end of the year. Due to COVID-19, the planned official farewell by the management could only be carried out online.

Phillip Seifert organized a Teams meeting in which employees from almost all Seifert branches took part. During the online meeting, Josette was given a farewell gift from the employees. Visibly moved, Josette said goodbye to everyone. Michael Seifert said at the end of the meeting that Josette will be truly missed wholeheartedly as a kind of institution within Seifert Malta.

We wish Josette Sapiano all the best for the new phase of life and having fun traveling what she enjoys doing most!

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