Air / air heat exchangers for a stable enclosure climate


The functional principle of an air-air heat exchanger is quite simple; the heat exchanger core transfers the heat from the internal circuit to the ambient circuit through an aluminum surface, so there is no direct contact or mix between internal and external air. All our heat exchangers comply with the NEMA and IP requirements and can be used both for Indoor and Outdoor (i.e. Telecom) applications. 

The high-end vacuum brazing technology used at Seifert, is best-in-class thermal dissipation and has the most compact footprint in the industry. The heat exchanger performance ranges from 7 W/K up to 180 W/K. The adjustable electronic controller with colour LED display indicates the temperature and operating status of the heat exchanger.

IP 54
Wall mounted
Maintenance free
UL recognized
TypeMountingHeat Exchanger PerformanceMaterial Housing
LT 58007Wall mounted7 W/KMild steel, powder coated
LT 58014Wall mounted14 W/KMild steel, powder coated
LT 58032Wall mounted32 W/KMild steel, powder coated
LT 58043Wall mounted43 W/KMild steel, powder coated
LT 58065Wall mounted65 W/KMild steel, powder coated
LT 58100Wall mounted100 W/KMild steel, powder coated
LT 58180Wall mounted180 W/KMild steel, powder coated

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