STRIPLITE - energy saving enclosure lighting


STRIPLITE LED enclosure lights have been designed to meet the criteria of illuminating industrial enclosures and cabinets. They are available either with On / Off switch or with motion sensor. Our 400 Lm version has a wide voltage range (24 V- 265 V AC / DC) which allows an universal use with only one model.

The more powerful 700 Lm version has a voltage range from 120 - 230 V AC.

STRIPLITE LED lights are the energy efficient and maintenance free solution for illuminating industrial enclosures. Multiple LED lights can be connected in line using connecting cables. There are also various connector options (connector or Pushfit) available.

IP 20
DIN rail
Tool free installation
Maintenance free
UL recognized
SL 4000LED Enclosure Light 400 Lm, 24 - 265 V AC/DCCE, cURus
SL 4007LED Enclosure Light 700 Lm, 120 - 230 VCE, cURus
WS 4070ConnectorCE
WK 4071Power Cable 3 m, ConnectorCE
DC 4072Daisy Chain Cable 0.5 mCE
DC 4073Daisy Chain Cable 1 mCE
DC 4074Cable with Door Switch, 3.5 mCE
DIN Rail ClipDIN rail clip for SL 4000
SL 4905Motion sensor operated enclosure LED lamp 1500 LmCE, cURus

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