For trouble free operation inside enclosures


Besides filter fans and cabinet heaters we also offer a wide range of enclosure accessories.

SOLIFLEX thermostats, hygrostats and dehumidifier ensure an optimal and trouble free climate inside your enclosures or cabinets. Thermostats are available as normally closed / NC (red disk) or as normally open NO (blue disk), and are supplied as mechanical or electronic version.

NC thermostat are used for regulating heaters or for alarm signals when the enclosure temperature is falling below the preset minimum value. The contact opens when the temperature is rising. NO thermostats are used for regulating filter fans, heat exchangers, and Peltier cooling units or for switching alarm signals when the preset temperature limit has been exceeded. Plugable temperature and humidity sensors can additionally monitor the preset parameters to ensure that failures or malfunctioning of equipment can be avoided.

IP 20
DIN rail
Maintenance free
UL recognized
TG 3039Thermoelectric dehumidifierDIN rail, recessed
floor, wall mount
CC 3010Thermostats with pre-set temperature °C / °FDIN Rail 35 mm
CC 3011Thermostat with adjustable temperature °C / °FDIN Rail 35 mm
CC 3012Adjustable Twin Thermostat °C / °FDIN Rail 35 mm
CC 3013Change-over thermostat with thermal feedbackDIN Rail 35 mm
CC 3014Mechanical HygrostatDIN Rail 35 mm
CC 3015Electronic change-over thermostat / sensorDIN Rail 35 mm
CC 3016Electronic change-over hygrostat / sensorDIN Rail 35 mm
CC 3021Thermostat with adjustable temperature °C / °FDIN Rail 35 mm
  • Thermostats und hyprostats von Seifert Systems

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