Variable cooling capacity for constant enclosure temperature


The compact compressor can be adjusted to the required cooling capacity with variable speed via a controller and thus only consumes the amount of electricity that is actually required to cool the current power losses. By continuously adapting the cooling capacity, a very constant enclosure temperature is achieved which means that the electronic components and the cooling unit are significantly less stressed. In addition, the formation of condensation inside the enclosure is minimised.
All of this leads to higher operational reliability, longer service life and energy savings up to 76%. Our variable speed cooling units also set a new standard in terms of “cooling performance versus dimensions”, which makes them ideally suited for special applications such as battery cooling. The microchannel condenser also allows the use of significantly less refrigerant and thus a reduction in the CO₂ equivalent.

IP 55
Wall mounted
Maintenance free
UL listed ACVS mark
UL listed FTTA mark E498756
TypeMountingCooling Capacity L35L35
KG 8625Wall mounted / Recessed2.55 kW
  • Enclosure cooling unit SlimLine Vario with variable speed compressor

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