SlimLine Pro - the easy way to install an air conditioner

Air conditioner for electrical enclosures to protect sensitive componentsEnclosure air conditioner with innovative one man assembly mechanism Air conditioner for cabinets and electrical enclosures in stainless steel housing and NEMA type 4X

The innovative one man mounting systems from Seifert allows a srew less installation with no need of additional fixing material. Depending on the size of the unit the mounting time can be reduced to less than 2 minutes. Simplified cutouts without the need of drilling wholes into the enclosure, ease the mounting even further. All models have an integrated condensate evaporation, an electronic controller with color display, a temperature range from 50°F to 140°F and comply to type 3, 3R, 12, 4 and 4X. 
With cooling capacities from 1,200 to 21,170 BTU they cover a big range of applications. We have also placed a strong emphasis in standardizing components, versions and sizes thus diminishing the need of large spare part stocks, complex training or long unit selection processes. All SlimLine Pro units come in powder coated mild steel housing, RAL 7035. For applications where hygiene and corrosion protection are required, we offer different grades of stainless steel housings. 

TypeMountingCooling capacity (95F95F)Material housing
KG 8503External / recessed1200 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 8506External / recessed2290 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 8508External / recessed2970 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 8512External / recessed4100 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 8515External / recessed5340 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 8520External / recessed6820 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 8525External / recessed8535 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 8540External / recessed13600 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 8562External / recessed21100 BTUMild steel, powder coated

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